Why wont my iphone let me download snapchat?

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First, head over to your phone settings. For iPhone users, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Toggle Location Services "on," and then scroll down and make sure the individual Snapchat app is toggled "On" too. Next, open Snapchat and tap the settings cog in the top right corner.

Why wont my iPhone let me download Find My iPhone?

Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Reset Home Screen Layout. You may also wish to check that you have set up Find My iPhone: Go to: Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > turn on both options.

Why wont my ipad let me download apps?

Question: Q: My iPad isn't letting me download apps Try refreshing the settings on the iPad. Sign out of your Apple ID, close the App Store App, reset your iPad and then start all over again. Settings>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID>Sign out. Now close the App Store.

Why wont it let me leave a Snapchat group chat?

Group chats on Snapchat are somewhat lawless — instead of leaving control to the person who set up the chat, anyone can change the name of the chat and add new members to the group (though there is a 32 person limit). Bad news first: There's no feature on Snapchat to actually remove someone from a group chat.

Why wont it let me make a public profile on Snapchat?

You can't make a Snapchat public profile if you are less than 18 years of age, have had Snapchat for less than 24 hours, have less than 1 bi-directional friend (you follow each other), or you do not adhere to the community guidelines.

Why wont my iPhone let me record a voicemail?

Make sure that you have a good cellular network connection. You can check this by trying to make an outgoing call. Reset your network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Contact your carrier and make sure that you have the voicemail feature on your plan.

Why wont my iPhone let me verify an app?

There are some reasons will cause "Unable to Verify App" happen while downloading App on Apple Store. Apps do not meet the violation policies of Apple Store. Didn't trust the App while insatlling it. WiFi Connection is unstable.

Why wont my iPhone let me crop a video?

You can crop a video on an iPhone if you want to trim away unwanted elements in the scene or change its aspect ratio, so it's optimized for another format (like a square video for Instagram). The iPhone doesn't include a video cropping tool, but there are free third-party video editing apps that can crop video.

Why wont my iPhone let me delete messages?

Tap on the chat containing the message you want to delete. Tap and hold the conversation you want to delete. Tap MORE from the pop-up menu. If you want to delete a certain message in the conversation thread only, simply tap the circle next to it.

Why wont my iPhone let me forget a network?

Unfortunately, you can only forget a network after connecting to it. You can forget all networks by Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Then you'll need to reconnect to the networks you use.

Why wont my iPhone let me set an alarm?

Update your Clock app Update your apps. Your iPhone should update apps automatically, but in case that hasn't happened, update the Clock app (and any other apps waiting to be updated) and try the alarm again.

Why wont it let me delete apps on my iPhone?

Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions. You may be prompted to enter your Screen Time passcode. Select iTunes & App Store Purchases. Tap on Deleting Apps.

Why wont my iPhone let me delete attachments?

The answer is that the setting regarding “keep messages forever” will prevent you from “Removing Large Attachments.” Deleting will appear to work but it really won't. I changed the setting to “Every 30 days” and then I was able to remove the attachments.

Why wont my iPhone let me delete photos?

1) Restart the iPhone A quick restart often can sort out the problems. So, when you can't delete photos from an iPhone, try giving your iPhone a quick restart. Check how to do it: Press and hold the phone's side button until you see the Slide to power off option.

Why wont my iPhone let me set a reminder?

Check Notification setting of Reminders app on iPhone Let us ensure that this is not the case. Open Settings app and tap on Notifications. Scroll down and tap on Reminders. Here make sure that Allow Notification is turned on.

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