Why does spotify keep pausing when screen locks iphone?

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This means that in order to listen to music or podcasts, you need to keep your phone unlocked. This seems to be some sort of power-saving glitch, or potentially a bad interaction between the Spotify app and the latest version of iOS.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing when I lock my phone?

Try this! Go to android Settings > Device maintenance > battery > battery usage > optimize battery usage > show all apps > Don't optimize for Spotify. Keep us updated!

Why does Spotify keep pausing when I get a notification iPhone?

Currently, when you receive a notification on your phone, the Spotify pauses for a sec so that the notification sound plays instead. It's possible that the app detects the notification from your laptop, because both are connected to the same speaker.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing?

One of the most common reasons why your Spotify keeps pausing is because the account is being used on two devices at the same time. If someone is using the account at the same time as you, every time the other person presses 'play' on their device, your playback will pause.

Why does Spotify keep pausing 2021?

If Spotify keeps pausing when you stream music, you could try to restart your device to fix the issue. Additionally, turn off the battery saver mode on your Apple or Android device.

Why does Spotify keep pausing in the background?

Disable data saver mode. A reduction in the amount of data Spotify uses can result in pausing issues; therefore, try going to “Settings -> Data Saver” and turning it “off.” Try downloading the music to your device for uninterrupted listening when in an area with low cellular coverage.

Why does Spotify keep pausing when I get a notification?

Sometimes using "Battery Saver" or "Power Saving Mode" on an Android can lead to random pauses on Spotify.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing on iPhone 12?

Spotify that keeps pausing can be caused by corrupted files so that uninstalling the app can help solve the issue. Once you uninstall the application, download another Spotify app and it will get back to normal. Go to phone Settings and choose Apps. Scroll down to find Spotify app then tap on it.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing when I get a notification on iPhone?

It is the way you have enabled the settings. Fix it by: - Enable DND or disable notification alerts.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing 2020?

This is because the lack of bandwidth can cause lags while streaming Spotify. To check if your Low Power mode is turned on on an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular Data Options > turn off Low Power mode. What is this? If you're on an Android phone, you can swipe down on your home screen and unselect Data Saver mode.

Why does screen mirror keep pausing?

Occasional brief pauses or disconnections can happen due to momentary spikes in network traffic. Due to the real-time nature of screen mirroring, this is not uncommon. However, if this occurs more often than once or twice in a 60-minute session then taking steps to optimize the connection should be considered.

Why does my Spotify pause when I lock my phone?

If you find the Spotify app on your mobile stops playing when the device screen sleeps or locks, you should try the below steps. The Sleeping apps feature saves battery by preventing certain apps from running in the background. Check that Spotify has not been added to your Sleeping apps list.

How to fix Spotify pause when phone locks?

What to do if Spotify stops playing when the screen is locked

  1. 1 Go to Settings, then tap Device care.
  2. 2 Tap Battery.
  3. 4 Tap Sleeping apps.
  4. 5 If listed, press and hold the Spotify app to reveal the option to remove.
  5. 6 Tap “Remove”.

Why can't I pause Spotify from my lock screen?

Make sure that all relevant permissions are enabled for the Spotify app. Spotify is set as an exception for any cache-clearing or battery optimization apps. Try logging out and back to your Spotify account on the app to shake things up. Restart your device.

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