Why did my recent calls disappear on my iphone?

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If you restored an iTunes or an iCloud backup that was not made properly, it could have deleted your recent calls history. An improper backup often causes issues like these and you should make sure not to restore such backups on your iPhone 6S or any other model for that matter.

Why did all my recent calls disappear on my iPhone?

If the phone is off, or doesn't have a network connection when a call arrives, or the tower you are connected to doesn't have any available channels, it will go to voicemail on the carrier's voicemail server. As the phone never sees it, that call will not be in Recents.

Why did my call log disappeared iPhone?

Restart Phone This simple yet magical trick seems to have done wonders for people facing the call history missing issue. So restart your iPhone. If there is a temporary glitch, then call log will appear after the restart. Pro Tip: You should also try enabling Airplane mode on your iPhone for a while.

Do recent calls disappear on iPhone?

While this may not have much to do with your calls, it has to do with your network and it is worth toggling the airplane mode on your iPhone to see if that helps resolve the recent calls disappeared issue on your device. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and turn the toggle for Airplane Mode to the ON position.

Why did my favorites disappear on iphone?

Sometimes incorrect date and time can bring about problems such as iPhone bookmarks gone. By checking and making sure that data and time is set correctly, there is a chance to fixing this issue. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Turn on "Set Automatically".

Why did my iPhone clock disappear?

Try resetting all your device's settings when clock on lock screen disappears. This will make your settings as default and can help fixing the problem. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset All Settings". Now, enter your passcode and tap on "Reset All Settings" for confirming.

Why did my iPhone notes disappear?

Common Reasons Why Notes Disappear From iPhones It doesn't mean they were deleted. It just means your iPhone can't access them anymore. When you set up the email account again, all of your notes will come back.

Why did the microphone disappeared on my iPhone?

Most of the time the microphone icon is missing on keyboard, because Siri is not enabled on your iPhone. Enable Siri feature via Settings -> General-> Siri and Enable Siri. On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and Enable dictation & Enable speech-to-text input.

Why did my mailbox disappeared on iPhone?

Why Is My Mail Icon Missing on iPhone? Your Mail app is missing for one of two reasons: you've removed the app from your Home screen or you've accidentally deleted the app. In either case, the solution is fairly straightforward.

Why did my iPhone Dock disappear?

These iPhone dock disappeared issues come over and over again after iOS 15 update. The main reason, presumably, is that most early versions of iOS are short of optimizations. Some of these iOS 15 dock problems may get fixed in the later iOS 15 versions, while other may not.

Why did a folder disappear on my iPhone?

When rearranging the home screen and subsequent pages, folders containing apps will spontaneously vanish, leaving the app icons on the pages. It may be related to widgets moving on the page.

Why did my notes disappeared on my iPhone?

If you're missing notes, they might have been accidentally deleted, or you might need to change your settings. First, update all of your devices to the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS to make sure that the issue isn't related to previous software.

Why did my notes on my iphone disappear?

If you're missing notes, they may have been accidentally deleted or you may need to change your settings. First, update all of your devices to the latest version of iOS, iPadOS or macOS to make sure that the issue isn't related to previous software.

Why did my emojis disappear on my iPhone?

If the Emoji Key has recently disappeared from the Keyboard on your iPhone, it is most likely that you have recently switched back to Apple Keybaord, after using a Third Party Keyboard.

Why did my Reminders disappeared on my iPhone?

If you've synced calendars and reminders via iCloud, Google, Yahoo, or other emails before, but disabled the sync settings, then the calendar events and reminders on your iPhone may be disappeared.

Why did my hotspot on my iPhone disappear?

A missing Personal Hotspot can be caused by problems with the settings that control the phone's access to cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Resetting those settings and starting fresh may help solve the problem. Select Settings > General > Reset > Reset > Network Settings.

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