Why did apple tv get rid of youtube?

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  • July 25, 2022,
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HBO officially shuts down its Apple TV Channel, cutting off HBO Max access for some users [U: Promo from Apple] When WarnerMedia launched its new expanded streaming service, HBO Max, earlier this year, HBO simultaneously stopped participating in Apple TV Channels.

Why did Apple get rid of fingerprint?

Prior to the release of the iPhone X, Apple was rumored to be working on an in-display fingerprint reader for iPhones, but scrapped it due to poor responsiveness and reliability. Considering how crappy many in-display fingerprint sensors on Android phones are, Apple probably made the right call.

Why did Apple get rid of Intel?

Apple is breaking a 15-year partnership with Intel on its Macs — here's why. Apple's new laptops and desktop uses its own chips, instead of processors from Intel. Apple is making the move because it already makes its own phone and tablet processors, and it says it can improve laptop battery life.

Why did Apple get rid of the Dashboard?

With macOS 10.15, Apple has killed its famous Dashboard feature completely. This comes after Apple made it increasingly hard to access with last year's Mojave release. In macOS Catalina, Dashboard is nowhere to be found at all.

Why did Apple get rid of green?

1. The green tint issue may be a combination of software and hardware issues with faulty OLED displays that are being impacted in recent iOS updates, reported Forbes. Apple has announced it has stopped signing iOS 13.5, meaning users cannot downgrade their iPhone software from iOS 13.5. 1.

Why did Apple get rid of Save As?

In more recent revisions of macOS, Apple has swapped the old Save As functionality for Duplicate. So, instead of allowing you to re-name and re-locate your very important Pages document, it instead creates the same version with 'copy' tacked on to the end, in the same exact location as the original one.

Why did Apple get rid of battery?

Modern processors in Apple's latest MacBooks resulted in the battery life status menu having a hard time keeping up with the CPU when switching between low-power and high-performance modes, which often meant erratic and unreliable predictions.

Why did Apple get rid of the Apple key?

“There's too many apples on the screen, get rid of it!” Kare was in charge of removing the Apple from the user interface and replacing it with something else that would maintain the same functionality – to offer users quick shortcuts to various features of the program they would be in.

Why did Apple get rid of glowing Apple?

So to make the screen of the MacBook slimmer than the present Air and Pro models, they need to take out something which makes the screen slimmer. The translucent fibre glowing logo makes the screen thick and has no functionality to it except just a logo. So they decided to move to the mirror back logo.

Why did Apple get rid of the home button?

This feature is still relevant today even though the physical home button has been removed since it allows users to perform tasks faster than before.

Why did Apple get rid of CD drives?

CDs were replaced by DVDs because they offered a lot more storage. But flash memory cards, such as the one Apple includes with the Air, are already blowing DVDs out of the water when it comes to storage. They may still be more expensive to produce, but Apple has clearly figured out a way to make it work.

Why did Apple get rid of Boot Camp?

In a discussion between Apple uber-fan Jon Gruber and Apple VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, Federighi said that Boot Camp wouldn't make it onto the new Macs and that "virtualization is the route," citing the efficiency of modern hypervisors.

Why did Apple get rid of AUX port?

Why did Apple remove a common audio connector? The 3.5mm jack is over 50-years-old and doesn't do much besides carry an audio signal. It needs its own power amplifier and digital audio converter, which can be built into headphones, so removing the jack makes room for other things, such as a second speaker.

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