What is the arrow by the time on my iphone?

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What is the hollow arrow? The hollow arrow, as stated above, is the location icon that appears when an app or website may be granted permission to access your location under certain conditions.

What is the box with arrow on iPhone?

Question: Q: Floating grey box with arrow People are asking how to remove and control the floating grey arrow on the iPhone screen. Go in the settings to “Speak Screen” and turn it off. Go to Accessibility/Spoken Content/Speak Screen.

Why is the arrow on my iphone?

In the upper right corner of your iPhone you may sometimes see a little arrow. The arrow signals that “Location Services” is turned on. Locations Services supply apps with your current position, which in turn leads to a better user experience.

What does the hollow arrow mean on my iPhone?

"A hollow arrow indicates that an item may receive your location under certain conditions." "A purple arrow indicates that an item has recently used your location." "A gray arrow indicates that an item has used your location in the last 24 hours."

What does the White Arrow on my iPhone mean?

When you see the arrow icon pop up on the status bar of your iPhone, it means that an application is accessing Location Services.

Why is there a GREY arrow on my iPhone?

If you come across a solid gray arrow icon when you're using any application on your iPhone, it means that your location is currently being accessed by either a website or an application on your iPhone.

Why is there a GREY arrow on my iPhone?

It sounds like you're using an older iOS version, as Settings > General > Accessibility was replaced with Settings > Accessibility in newer iOS versions.

What are the blue arrows on my emails?

It appears that Google pushed a UI update for their Android Gmail app. Now the arrows indicating a message to being “priority” are blue rather than the yellow (how it used to be).

What is the arrow on my Samsung phone?

Flashing arrows indicate data being transmitted. 4G : Connected to the 4G network. Flashing arrows indicate data being transmitted.

What are the two arrows on my icons?

Two small blue arrows on the top right corner of the icon indicate a compressed file or folder. To save disk space, the Windows operating system allows you to compress files and folders.

What are the blue arrows on my pictures?

What are Blue Arrows on Icons and Why are They Placed? The Blue Arrows on an icon indicate that the selected file has been compressed in order to save space. Windows has a feature which allows the user to compress certain files in order to save space.

What is a resonance arrow?

A resonance arrow is one straight double-headed arrow pointing between two equivalent structures of the same molecule.

What is the arrow effect?

The archer's paradox is the phenomenon of an arrow traveling in the direction it is pointed at full draw, when it seems that the arrow would have to pass through the starting position it was in before being drawn, where it was pointed to the side of the target.

What is the tiny arrow?

You are probably familiar with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery icons, but there is a small arrow that shows up occasionally that you may not be familiar with. This icon indicates that an app on your iPhone 5 is using the GPS on your device.

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