How to view shared icloud album on pc?

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You can now create and view shared albums on your PC. Depending on the version of Windows and iCloud for Windows, you can find your shared albums in the iCloud Shared Albums app, File Explorer, or Windows Explorer.

How do I view shared albums in iCloud?

You can view shared albums in the iCloud Shared Albums app. Choose Start menu > iCloud Shared Albums.

How do I view a shared iCloud album on Android?

From your Album homepage, hit that cloud icon at the bottom and select the shared album from the list that appears. Once that album is open hit the People button at the bottom right. You want to switch on the option that says Public Website. Once you do this you'll get a URL (like a website address) on your screen.

How do I view and edit shared photo albums in iCloud?

Starting with the release of iOS 12, Apple rebranded this feature as simply Shared Albums. So depending on what iOS you're using, you may see Shared Albums or iCloud Photo Sharing.


  • Open the Photos app.
  • Tap the Albums tab.
  • Scroll to the Shared Albums section.
  • How do I view a shared iCloud album on my computer?

    On your Windows computer, open Shared Albums. Double-click the shared album you want to find the link to, then click Info in the toolbar. The link is below the subscriber list. If you don't see a link, the album isn't public.

    What is shared albums on iCloud?

    With Shared Albums in the Photos app , you can share photos and videos with just the people you choose. They can also add their own photos, videos, and comments. Shared Albums works with or without iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream.

    Are shared iCloud albums private?

    You can share albums privately, allowing your friends and family to like, comment, or even upload their own photos and videos. Keep reading to learn how you can share your pics with iCloud Photos and to see everything else you can do with this feature.

    Who can view a shared album?

    Anyone that has the shared link will be able to view the album.

    How to accept a shared album on icloud?

    Wait about a minute, then click the Options button. Select Shared Albums. Click OK, then click Apply. Open iCloud Photos.


  • From the Photos app, choose Photos > Preferences.
  • Deselect Shared Albums.
  • Wait about a minute.
  • Select Shared Albums.
  • Go to the Shared Album and check the comments on the photo or video.
  • How to share icloud album with android?

    Sharing albums is simple. Go to the settings menu on your phone, select iCloud, then Apps Using iCloud, then Photos, then toggle on iCloud Photo Sharing. Go back to your Photos app and hit that cloud icon again and you'll get a blank page (no problem).

    How to open shared icloud album?

    Once you've installed iCloud For Windows, open it and sign in with your Apple ID. Use the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone. Click the New Shared Album button at the top of the screen. Add the iCloud email addresses for the people you want to invite.

    How to find an icloud shared album?

    To access Shared Albums, you just need to:

    1. Open the Photos app.
    2. Tap the Albums tab.
    3. Scroll to the Shared Albums section.

    How to upload shared album to icloud?

    Set up Shared Albums on your Windows computer Open iCloud for Windows, then select Photos. Select Shared Albums (or iCloud Photo Sharing). If you aren't prompted to turn on features, click the Options button next to Photos. Click Done, then click Apply.

    How do I add iCloud photos to a shared album on my PC?

    Add items to a shared album Click “Add photos and videos.” Select the photos, video clips, and Live Photos that you want, then click Add .

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