How to use oovoo on iphone?

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How do you use the ooVoo app?

Here's a guide on how to use ooVoo app to make free video calls, voice calls and send text messages from your iOS or Android device.

  1. Download the ooVoo App.
  2. Update Your Profile.
  3. Send Text Messages.
  4. Record a Video.
  5. Create Group Video Chat.
  6. Make Free Voice Calls.

Is ooVoo free?

ooVoo is a cross-platform text and video calling app available to download for free on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

Can you get ooVoo on iPhone?

ooVoo Mobile runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, but is not native on the iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later. Mac and PC versions can be downloaded at the ooVoo site.

What is the meaning of ooVoo?

ooVoo is a free video chat and instant messaging app for mobiles, tablets, computers and MACs. One of the main appeals for ooVoo is it allows you to chat up to 12 people at once, anytime and anywhere.

What is ooVoo called?

ooVoo was a video chat and a messaging app developed by ooVoo LLC and owned by Krush Technologies, LLC. ooVoo had applications for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and Facebook. The original Microsoft Windows app was released in 2007. It was discontinued on November 25, 2017.

Is ooVoo still working?

ooVoo will be shutting down soon, thank you all for an amazing ride 💛 read more…

What is ooVoo com?

ooVoo is a free instant messaging and video call app supported on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. ooVoo's Chains is a community driven platform that allows you to create unique contents and share with a large group of unified creators.

Where is ooVoo available?

You can get ooVoo for free on your PC or your Mac and start video chatting right away.

How do you get ooVoo?

Getting started Once you launch ooVoo for the first time, it will ask you to create a username and a password. You'll also get the chance to add friends or send invites to contacts from your other messaging apps. After that, choose a profile photo, and you're good to go.

When did ooVoo start?

ooVoo was released in 2007 and can be used on Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Facebook.

What does ooVoo stand for?

OoVoo is a free service that provides instant messaging, phone calling, video messages and video chatting with up to twelve other users. Voice calls are free between ooVoo users and credits can be purchased to call landlines.

Why was ooVoo shut down?

On September 9, 2014, ooVoo released its Video SDK for WebRTC. On November 25, 2017, ooVoo announced via Twitter that it will be shutting down, citing a lack of profit.

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