How to use calendar on iphone 6s?

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Use the Calendar app to create and edit events, appointments, and meetings.


  • Tap the event, then tap Edit near the top right.
  • In the event details, tap Alert.
  • Choose when you want to be reminded. For example, “At time of event,” “5 minutes before,” or another choice.
  • Can I use iPhone 6S Plus battery on iPhone 6S?

    According to our battery test, the 6S and 6 can't share the same battery because of different battery connectors,which makes it impossible to connect well to the motherboard.

    How do I use Siri on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus?

    To ask Siri something, hold down the Home button until you see the Siri icon at the bottom of the screen. Allow Siri When Locked switch to enable or disable Siri on the lock screen. 2. If you're using iOS 8 or later, you can ask Siri a question starting with "Hey Siri" without having to hold down the Side button.

    How to use your iPhone 6S as a scale?

    Lay the iPhone down on a flat and steady surface, then place a metal spoon or something similar* onto the screen – the items rough weight should appear on screen but you'll be using this to hold other items to weigh, thus hit the “Tare” button to zero out the scale to “0” with the spoon on the screen.

    How to use HDR on iPhone 6S camera?

    Open the Settings app. Tap Camera. Scroll down to HDR (High Dynamic Range). Toggle Keep Normal Photo on to save both the HDR photo and the non-HDR photo.

    How much is a used iphone 6s plus?

    Today's Used iPhone 6S Plus Market Value Breakdown: The average resale market or trade-in value of a used iPhone 6S Plus is $53.16, with prices ranging between $28.00 and $87.00 from the best buyback stores.

    How to use iphone 6s plus camera?

    Apple® iPhone® 6s / 6s Plus - Common Camera Settings

    1. From the Home screen, tap. Camera. .
    2. Tap the. Flash icon. in the top-left corner of the screen.
    3. Tap one of the following: Auto.
    4. Tap. HDR.
    5. To switch to the front-facing camera, tap the. front-facing camera icon.
    6. To switch to a different mode, swipe the. modes menu.

    Is it worth buying a used iPhone 6S?

    As of right now, a used iPhone 6S is still able to run the most recent Apple mobile operating system: iOS 14. It is the oldest iPhone to receive the update (the iPhone 6 is stuck on the last version of iOS 12). It may not seem like much, but it's always nice to have the newest version of iOS.

    Can iPhone 6s be used in 2022?

    However, since the device is on extended support, you can't count on Apple to continue releasing updates. The oldest devices to be supported by iOS 15 are the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

    Does iPhone 6s use LCD?

    The "iPhone 6s" display also has slightly redesigned flex connectors, Touch ID is integrated in the LCD and digitizer connector, and the protective plate on the back of the LCD is glued in place.

    What glass is used in iPhone 6s?

    Gorilla Glass is a special patented type of Glass made by Corning. Its not a general type of hard glass, its a very specific glass made and patented by Corning and requires licensing from Croning to be used on devices.

    How to use iphone calendar effectively?

    10 gotta-know calendar tips for iOS

    1. Switch between daily and “list” view.
    2. See event details from the month view.
    3. See your entire week on your iPhone.
    4. Drag and drop calendar events.
    5. Ask Siri to add or change an event.
    6. Share a calendar with a pal.
    7. Turn off shared calendar alerts.
    8. Change the color of a calendar.

    How to use apple calendar on iphone?

    Here's how.

    1. Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone home screen. The Apple App Store icon.
    2. Type “calendar” in the search bar.
    3. Scroll down until you see the Calendar icon and tap “Get.” (If it is already installed on your phone, it will say “Open.” Go ahead and tap that to open the app on your phone.)

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