How to show airpods on find my iphone?

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Play a sound on your AirPods If your AirPods are near any of your Apple devices and connected to Bluetooth, you can play a sound to help you find them from or the Find My app: Open the Find My app. Select the Devices tab. Choose your AirPods from the list.

Why are My AirPods pro not showing up in Find my iPhone?

If your AirPods haven't been connected to a device for over 24 hours, Find My will display them as “Offline” or “No Location Found.” Your AirPods will not relay the location if they've run out of battery life. That will also cause them to appear as “Offline” or “No Location Found” in Find My.

Why are my AirPods not showing up on Find My?

If you didn't turn on Find My before your AirPods went missing, you won't be able to locate them. If your AirPods aren't charged, they won't be found until they're recharged. If they're out of range of your iOS device, they won't appear.

Do AirPod pros show up on Find My?

When the Find My network is on, you can see the location of AirPods (3rd generation), AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max in the Find My app for up to 24 hours after they last connect to your device, even if they're not nearby.

How to keep airpods from showing on family find my?

Open the Find My app on your iPhone. Tap on Devices and then tap on your AirPods.


  • Visit and log into your Apple account.
  • Click on Find iPhone.
  • Select All Devices at the top and choose your AirPods to see where they are.
  • What if my AirPods don't show up on Find My?

    12 Fixes for When Your AirPods Don't Show Up in the Find My App

    • Quit & Reopen Find My App.
    • Restart iPhone or Mac.
    • Check the Find My Server Status.
    • Remove AirPods You No Longer Use.
    • Use Find My on
    • Put One AirPod Inside.
    • Activate Find My AirPods. Activate Find My iPhone. Activate Find My Mac.
    • Update AirPods Firmware.

    How to find AirPods without Find my iPhone?

    How to find your AirPods without an iPhone. You can use to find your AirPods if you don't have your iPhone. Go to from a computer browser. Log in with your Apple ID.

    How to find airpods that aren't on find my iphone?

    Here are the steps for that:

    1. Visit on your Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone and sign in using your Apple ID.
    2. Click Find iPhone.
    3. On mobile, you should see your AirPods here. On a computer, click All Devices and your AirPods should appear in the list.

    Does Find My iPhone show the last place AirPods were used?

    If all you did the last time you used your AirPods was place them in the case and set them down in your living room, the location on the map will be accurate. However, if you then took that case with you and dropped them somewhere outside, Find My will still say they're in your house.

    Why does someone else's AirPods show up on Find My iPhone?

    Answer: A: Answer: A: If you use the same Apple ID, that is expected. Yes, if you pair AirPods to your device they will show in the Bluetooth device list until you forget them.

    Why is my iPhone not showing on Find My iPhone?

    Go to Settings > tap on your Apple ID Card. Choose Find My iPhone under Apple ID in your iOS device. Toggle on the Find My iPhone. Moreover, you should toggle on “Enable Offline Finding” and “Send Last Location.”

    How to put airpods on find my iphone?

    How to add your AirPods, Apple Watch, or Beats product to Find My

    1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.
    2. Tap the More Info button next to your device in the list.
    3. Scroll down to Find My network.
    4. Make sure that Find My network is turned on.

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