How to reset macbook air locked?

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Apple silicon: Turn on your Mac and continue to press and hold the power button until you see the startup options window. Select the gear icon labeled Options, then click Continue. Intel processor: Turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold Command (⌘)-R until you see an Apple logo or other image.

Is there a reset button on a MacBook Air?

How to reset a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. 1. Hold down the Command and R keys on the keyboard and turn on the Mac. Let go when the Apple logo pops up.

Can MacBook Airs be locked?

Best laptop locks for MacBooks Most laptops have a built-in Kensington security slot, but MacBooks do not, so you'll need some adapter to use a Kensington lock. Each of these includes an adapter or other workarounds.

How to reset the battery on a MacBook Air?

Here's how to reset the SMC on notebooks with removable batteries:

  1. Shut down your Mac.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Press and hold the power button for five seconds.
  4. Put the battery back in and turn your MacBook back on.

How to reset keyboard on macbook air?

Reset your SMC

  1. Turn off your MacBook.
  2. Hold down Ctl + Opt on the left side of your keyboard and Shift on the right side.
  3. Keep them held down for seven seconds, then press and hold the power button too.
  4. After another seven seconds, release all keys.
  5. After a few more seconds, turn your MacBook on again.

How to reset keyboard macbook air?

Let's find out the steps you need to take to fix your MacBook keyboard quickly.


  • Shut down your MacBook.
  • Plug in your MagSafe adapter.
  • Press and hold down Shift + Control + Option + the power button.
  • If your MagSage adapter changes color, you've reset the SMC.
  • How to lock a MacBook Air with terminal?

    Press Command+Space to open Spotlight Search. Type “Terminal” in the Search bar, and then click it when it appears in the search results. Your Mac will now be in sleep mode. If you selected the option to require a password to wake it, it is now also effectively locked.

    How to lock screen on MacBook Air?

    You can just press Command+Control+Q to lock your Mac. You can also press Command+Shift+Q, but this completely logs you out, which means any applications you were running will also close.

    How to lock notes on MacBook Air?

    Lock a note In the Notes app on your Mac, select the note you want to lock. Click the Lock button , choose Lock Note, then enter the password. (You can also use Touch ID on your Mac or Magic Keyboard, or use your Apple Watch.)

    How to lock the screen on a MacBook Air?

    Lock Your Mac from the Apple Menu To do so, just click the Apple icon at the top left, and then select “Lock Screen.” If you require a password to unlock your Mac immediately after it's put in sleep mode as we covered earlier, you can just click “Sleep” in this same menu.

    How do you reset a locked Macbook?

    At the Reset Password window, click Deactivate Mac, then click Deactivate to confirm. If you see an Activation Lock window, enter your Apple ID email and password, then click Next. At the Reset Password window, enter your new password information, then click Next.

    What is a soft reset on MacBook Air?

    After your Mac shuts down, press and hold the right Shift key, the left Option key, and the left Control key for 7 seconds. Then keep holding those keys while you press and hold the power button for another 7 seconds. Release all three keys and the power button, then wait a few seconds.

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