How to download desktop from icloud?

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Having things saved to iCloud is useful for cutting down on used storage space.


  • Open the Photos app on your Mac computer.
  • Select a Shared Album from the left sidebar.
  • Control-click on the desired photo or video, or select multiple.
  • Select "Import."
  • How to download backup from iCloud?

    To start, open your reset program and log into iCloud through its interface. The program should now present you a list of your iCloud backups. From the list, select a file that you wish to recover. Download the backup file.

    How to download notes from icloud?

    View and download scanned documents

    1. In Notes on, select a note that contains a scanned document.
    2. Do either of the following: View the document: Double-click the thumbnail of the scanned document. Download the document: Double-click the thumbnail of the scanned document, then click. .

    How to mass download from icloud?

    On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch To select multiple photos or videos, tap more than one. To select your entire library, tap Select All. Tap the more button . Choose Download, then tap Download to confirm.

    How to download imovie from icloud?

    Move videos to iCloud Photos on iPhone or iPad Tap Theater at the top of the screen. If you don't see Theater at the top of the screen, tap the More button , then tap View iMovie Theater. Tap a video to select it. If the download button appears, tap the download button to download the video to your device.

    How to download keynote from icloud?

    Keynote for iCloud

    1. Sign in to with your Apple ID.
    2. Click Keynote.
    3. In the presentation manager, click the More button on the file you want to convert, then choose Download a Copy.
    4. Choose a format for the presentation.

    How to delete documents from desktop and Documents folder in iCloud?

    Click Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud. Next to iCloud Drive, click Options. Deselect Desktop & Documents Folders. Click Done.

    Is it safe to download photos from iCloud?

    Everything stored in iCloud, including iCloud photos, is securely encrypted in transit and stored with encryption keys. Encryption keys are stored on Apple's servers. Without these encryption keys, files can not be decrypted. Apple also uses “end-to-end” encryption for data.

    Can't download photos from iCloud?

    Reset your device Check that all your connections are good and try restarting or resetting your device. iCloud photo downloads require a stable network connection, so make sure you have a good WiFi signal. Sign out and sign in to iCloud to refresh, then try to download again.

    Can Samsung download from iCloud?

    Samsung Smart Switch is typically used to back up your Samsung phone data and import it to a new Samsung or Android device. But you can also connect your iPhone to it and transfer files manually — or directly download iCloud backup files to your Samsung device through Smart Switch.

    How to download notes from iCloud to computer?

    View or download attachments in Notes on

    1. In Notes on, select a note that contains the attachment you want to view or play.
    2. Double-click the attachment. The attached content is downloaded to your computer, opened in the appropriate application, or both.

    How to download iMessages from iCloud to iPhone?

    How to Download iMessage from iCloud for Free

    1. First, click the Settings icon on the desktop > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
    2. Then, restart your iPhone and follow the prompts to reset your iPhone until you reach the “Apps and Data” setting.
    3. Finally, choose to restore from iCloud Backup.

    How to download a voice memo from iCloud?

    Mac: Open Finder and click iCloud Drive in the sidebar. Locate the audio file you saved. Press the Control key as you click the recording.


  • Click iCloud Drive.
  • Click the audio file.
  • Click Save to download the file.
  • How to download photos from iCloud to OneDrive?

    After installing, you will have the iCloud Drive folder and the OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Just drag the files from the iCloud folder to the local OneDrive folder, and the program will automatically sync iCloud photos to OneDrive, vice versa.

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