How to delete photo in icloud?

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If you don't want to use the Google Photos app at all, you should go ahead and simply uninstall it from your iPhone. Uninstalling the app will not delete any photo from your iPhone. Even if photos are saved in Google Photos, they will stay in the cloud. You can view them on

Does deleting Google Photos delete iCloud photos?

When someone tries to delete a photo from the Google Photos app on the iPhone, they are stunned to see that the photo gets deleted from their device and iCloud too. Even when a person uses the Free up storage option in Google Photos, it will delete photos from iCloud.

Will downgrading iCloud delete photos?

After you downgrade your iCloud storage, you won't lose photos immediately after downgrading your iCloud storage, but it does make some of them inaccessible. This is what Apple claims on its official site: “If your iCloud storage exceeds your new storage plan capacity, iCloud won't sync or update your information.

Are photos on iCloud automatically deleted?

How to delete iPhone photos using iCloud. As mentioned, any photo or video you delete on your phone will automatically be deleted from your iCloud account if you have syncing turned on. iCloud syncing is the default setting, so it will be on unless you've manually switched it off.

How to delete photos from icloud?

Delete photos and videos

  1. In Photos on, select the photos or videos you want to delete, or double-click a single photo or video.
  2. Click. , then click Delete. Deleted photos and videos are placed in the Recently Deleted album, where they remain for 30 days before being permanently removed.

How to delete photos from iCloud Photos on iPad?

Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap Photos. Toggle iCloud Photos off.


  • In Safari, go to
  • Log in with your iCloud account.
  • Tap Photos and select the picture you want to delete.
  • Tap the trash can icon.
  • How to delete photos from iCloud Photos on Mac?

    Select the files you want to delete and press the Delete key, then click Delete. The deleted photos now appear in the Recently Deleted album. You must delete them from the Recently Deleted album to free up iCloud storage space. Click the Recently Deleted album in the sidebar, then select the photos to be deleted.

    Does deleting iCloud Drive delete photos?

    If you want to remove content from Recently Deleted album faster, tap Select, then select the items you want to remove. Tap Delete > Delete. If you exceed your iCloud storage limit, your device immediately removes any photos and videos you delete and they won't be available for recovery in your Recently Deleted album.

    Does deleting photos Delete iCloud storage?

    Delete photos in iCloud Photos. iCloud Photos uses your iCloud storage to keep all of your photos and videos up to date across your devices. You can make more space in iCloud when you delete photos and videos that you no longer need from the Photos app on any of your devices.

    Why are deleted photos still on icloud?

    Check the Recently Deleted Folder This means that deleted data still exists on your phone—and is synced to iCloud—for some time, despite you having deleted it. People commonly forget to clear this album out, since the folder is buried far down in the Photos app.

    Will changing iCloud account delete photos?

    You will keep data like photos and videos as long as they are saved to your device and not just your iCloud storage plan. You will have the option of keeping your contacts, keychain, calendars, and the Safari app. If you change the email associated with your Apple ID but keep the same ID, you won't lose anything.

    Did iCloud delete my photos?

    Usually, iCloud will store your photos at your time, It means that once you shoot or save a photo on your iPhone, iCloud photos will stay up to date to store your photos. However, if your iCloud storage limit went over, iCloud photos library will not stay up to date, new photos and videos won't upload to iCloud.

    Does iCloud automatically delete photos?

    As mentioned, any photo or video you delete on your phone will automatically be deleted from your iCloud account if you have syncing turned on. iCloud syncing is the default setting, so it will be on unless you've manually switched it off.

    Does iCloud delete old photos?

    However, the connectivity between iPhone and iCloud means that if you delete a picture on your iPhone, it's also scrubbed from iCloud. Luckily, there are a few workarounds that allow you to delete photos from your iPhone yet keep them in the cloud in perpetuity.

    How to delete all photos on iCloud in bulk?

    There IS in fact a way to mass delete photos up to 1,000 at a time in the iCloud Photo Library web interface.

    1. Click 'Select Photos' at the top.
    2. Select the very first photo.
    3. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
    4. Hold the SHIFT key and click the last photo (this will select everything in between)
    5. Click 'Delete' at the top.

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