How to delete contacts on apple watch series 5?

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The Series 5 is no longer available to buy new. Instead, the Series 6 starts at $399 (£399) for the smaller aluminum 40-millimeter model with GPS. For an extra $100, you can splurge on a cellular-enabled watch (which also requires a monthly data plan from your wireless carrier for an additional cost).

Is Apple Watch Series 5 GOOD?

The Apple Watch Series 5 has been eclipsed by the Series 6, but it's still packed with useful features and was once the best smartwatch you could buy.

Is Apple Watch Series 5 GPS?

GPS, Always-On Retina display, 30% larger screen, Swimproof, ECG app, Electrical and optical heart sensors, Built-in compass, Elevation, Emergency SOS, Fall Detection, S5 SiP with up to 2x faster 64-bit dual-core processor, watchOS 6 with Activity trends, cycle tracking, hearing health innovations, and the App Store on

Is Apple discontinuing the Apple Watch Series 5?

Just a few months ago, Apple took the wraps off its all-new Apple Watch Series 6 model and, with the announcement, discontinued 2019's Apple Watch Series 5.

How much is the Apple Watch Series 5?

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) starts at $399 (US) and Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) starts at $499.

How old is an Apple Watch Series 5?


WatchReleased withRelease date
Series 3watchOS 4.0 (iOS 11.0)September 22, 2017
Series 4watchOS 5.0 (iOS 12.0)September 21, 2018
Series 5watchOS 6.0 (iOS 13.0)September 20, 2019
SEwatchOS 7.0 (iOS 14.0)September 18, 2020

How thick is the Apple Watch Series 5?

Compare Apple Watch products

Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch Series 3
Case Size40mm, 44mm38mm, 42mm
Display Area759 sq mm or 977 sq mm display area563 sq mm or 740 sq mm display area
Case Thickness10.7mm11.4mm
Processor64-bit dual-core S5 processor; Up to 2x faster than S3 processorDual-core S3 processor

Is Apple Watch Series 4 the same size as Series 5?

New finishes. Apple has stuck to the same 40mm and 44mm case options that it moved to with the Series 4. You still get a rectangular-looking watch with an improved heart rate sensor tech around the back, a digital crown with haptic feedback like the Series 4 and a physical button below that crown.

Which is better a Series 3 Apple Watch or Series 5?

Overall, the Series 5's always-on display makes the watch immediately more useful in just about every situation, whereas the health-oriented improvements in the Series 4 and Series 5 are critical but probably only relevant under certain circumstances.

What is the weight of Apple Watch Series 5?

40mm and 44mm titanium Series 5 models weigh 35.1 and 41.7 grams respectively, according to Apple, which is up to 13 percent lighter than the 40mm and 44mm stainless steel Series 5 models at 40.6 and 47.8 grams respectively.

Is the Apple Watch Series 5 worth buying?

Although if you're coming from a Series 3 or older, it might be worth upgrading to the Apple Watch 5 as the always-on display is quite a game-changer. In terms of downsides, expect an average battery life of one day and support limited to Apple devices only.

What are the features of Apple Watch Series 5?


  • 44mm. 368 by 448 pixels. 977 sq mm display area. Over 30% larger display than Series 3.
  • 40mm. 324 by 394 pixels. 759 sq mm display area. Over 30% larger display than Series 3.
  • Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display with Force Touch. 1000 nits brightness.

When was the Apple Watch Series 5 released?


Series 5watchOS>September>
Series 6watchOS>September>
Series 7watchOS>October>

Is the Apple Watch Series 5 coming to Malaysia?

The latest Apple Watch Series 5 price in Malaysia market starts from RM1399. It is available in Space Black, Silver, Gold colours.

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