How to add trash to swipe options on iphone?

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Go to your inbox and swipe left on an email. A partial swipe will pull out your options: More, whatever you set as your Swipe Left option (if you set one), and Trash.

How to add delete as a swipe option in Mail on iPhone?

Go to Settings>Mail>Accounts>select the account you wish to configure. Then on the next page, tap on Account, then on the next page Advanced. On that page, you should see MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO: and the two selections are Deleted Mailbox and Archive Mailbox.

Can I add delete to the swipe option on my iPhone?

Choose Settings. Choose Mail, Contacts, or Calendar. Choose Accounts, Next, choose the email account you want to set up having a trash option (It is likely you will want it on all of your accounts, so you'll have to do this on each account).

How do you add Delete to swipe options on IPAD?

These steps will help you change the other swipe options when you swipe right to left or left to right in the native Mail app on iPhone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on Mail.
  3. Tap on Swipe Options.
  4. Choose between None, Mark as Read, Flag and Move Message for Swipe Right.

How do I change the email swipe options?


  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left.
  2. Tap the "Settings" button in the bottom left.
  3. Tap the "Swipe left" or "Swipe right" button.
  4. Select the action you would like that swipe option to do.

Is there a Trash for iPhone?

@frazzm, no such thing as a trash bin on an iPhone or iCloud even. The Trash bin only exists on macOS.

Where did my swipe up option go?

But — as of August 30th — the option to swipe up is no longer available. Instead, Instagram has replaced it with a new link sticker, which effectively operates the same way: It enables users to link to external websites.

Why is add to home screen Not an Option Iphone?

With the latest iOS, if you are swiping down on a Home Screen and searching for the app, you would not get the option to add to the Home Screen if it's already on the Home Screen somewhere.

How do you add to share options on iPhone?

How to Add or Remove Share Menu Options on an iPhone

  1. Open the Share menu using any app on your iPhone.
  2. The middle row shows all of the apps that you can share your selected content with.
  3. Use the toggles next to each app to add or remove it from the Share menu.

How do I change the swipe options on my iOS device?

Changing the Swipe Options

  1. You will need to be in the Settings section of your iPhone, so navigate to that screen. In the Settings section, scroll down until you find Mail.
  2. Tap on Swipe Options.
  3. Select the swipe action that you want to modify.
  4. Note that the actions available to either action is not the same.

How to delete trash on iPhone?

How to empty trash in the Mail app on an iPhone

  1. Start the Mail app.
  2. On the Mailboxes page, tap "All Trash." The Mail app has a single trash for all your email accounts, though you can also empty trash in each account individually.
  3. Tap "Edit." The Edit button is at the top right of the screen.
  4. Tap "Delete All."

How to get to trash on iphone?

Get to the Advanced settings and open the Deleted Mailbox option. Step 2: Click on the Trash icon and tap on Edit option to choose the mails which you want to delete. If you don't want to keep any of the emails, then choose the “Trash All” option and all the useless mail will be erased from your iPhone permanently.

How to check trash on iphone?

All replies. There is no Trash or Recycle Bin on the iPhone. To retrieve a deleted note, you would have to restore the phone to a backup that was made when the note was on the phone.

Is there a trash on iPhone 6?

The users who are new to the iPhone don't have any idea that there is any Trash on iPhone. Like Mac trash or Windows Recycle Bin, there is no iPhone trash folder where all the deleted files are stored on iPhone. However, the trash section is built-in apps like Photos, Contact, Notes, and Mail.

How do you add edit options to photos on iPhone?

Open the Photos app, then tap a photo. Tap Edit, then tap the More button . Select an app from the menu that appears. Edit the photo with the extension's tools.

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