Find my iphone when phone is dead?

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Finding your phone when it's dead or turned off is tricky.


  • If you have another Apple device (like a Mac or iPad), you can launch the Find My app on it.
  • Select the Devices tab, then click on All Devices.
  • Select your missing iPhone from there.
  • Does find my iPhone work when my iPhone is dead?

    Locating an iPhone when it is powered ON uses the new Bluetooth location feature that Apple designed however, with regards to locating an iPhone that is powered off or dead battery requires the use of iCloud and of course the Find My app. You will be able to locate your iPhone its last known location.

    Find my apple watch when dead?

    Once the Apple Watch's battery is dead, it will show your iPhone location due to the pairing of the devices. That is why it appears that it is following you. Until the Watch has its battery charged, it will not display its location again.

    Does Find My iPhone play sound when dead?

    If the iPhone is offline, but not dead, you'll tap Play Sound to assist you find your iPhone. If the iPhone is dead, you'll toggle on Notify When Found to send notifications and a location update to your iPad subsequent time your iPhone is turned on.

    Finding apple watch when dead?

    How To Find A Dead Apple Watch?

    1. Go to the Find My app on either your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Click on the Devices section.
    3. You will see a map pop up.
    4. Select it from the list of Find My enabled devices.
    5. Click on the Directions tab to get the last location of your lost device.

    How to find ipad when dead?

    If you own an iPad or Mac or you share your location with a Family Sharing Group and have access to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac belonging a group member, you can use one of those devices to find your lost iPhone even if it's dead. Open the Find My app on the device you're using.

    How to find lost airpods when dead?

    Tip #1: Make Sure Your “Find My” App is Set Up If you have the app set up and your devices connected, you'll be able to locate them quickly and efficiently every time you lose them. Even when your AirPods are dead, you'll be able to track them down using their last known location in the Find My app.

    Can't Find My iPhone and its dead?

    You can use the web browser on your PC and follow these directions:

    1. Log in to
    2. Spot the Find iPhone feature.
    3. Once you've selected Find iPhone, sign in again.
    4. Click on All Devices to locate your missing iPhone.
    5. Select the phone you've lost and select Play Sound.

    Find my iphone work when phone is off?

    Can you locate your iOS device when your phone is off? Unfortunately, when your phone is off, “Find My iPhone” won't be able to show you the real-time location of your phone. However, it will still present the last location of your phone before it's turned off to help you find it.

    How to find a dead iphone with icloud?

    Open a browser and attend or click on the Find My app. Sign in using your Apple ID and password if using Click the Find iPhone app icon. Select All Devices at the highest and choose your missing iPhone.

    How do I Find my Phone if its dead?

    How to find your lost phone when the battery is dead

    1. If you have another Apple device (like a Mac or iPad), you can launch the Find My app on it.
    2. Select the Devices tab, then click on All Devices.
    3. Select your missing iPhone from there.

    How do I Find My phone if its dead?

    How to find a lost Android Phone when it's dead or turned off

    1. Visit com/find on a browser and log in to your Google account.
    2. If you have multiple devices, select the missing device from the list.
    3. You'll see the device's approximate location on the map.

    How does find my phone know if my battery is dead?

    The catch is that you need to have turned this feature on before your iPhone was lost.

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Tap on your name.
    3. Tap Find My.
    4. Tap Find My iPhone.
    5. Toggle on Send Last Location, which will automatically send the location of your device to Apple when its battery is low.

    Iphone charging screen when dead?

    If your iPhone has run out of battery completely, plugging it in will begin the charge, but the screen will remain off until there is enough charge for it to power back up.

    Does find my iPhone work when phone is off?

    Apple's iOS 15 update brings a big improvement to Find My that makes it possible to locate your lost iPhone even when the device has been turned off or the battery has died. This feature works automatically so long as you have the Find My network enabled on your iPhone.

    Does find my iPhone work when phone is in water?

    It is not guaranteed to survive if it is submerged, and the warranty does not cover water damage. It is tested in distilled water when brand new. Once it enters general use its seals will deteriorate, and if in turbulent water it will suffer damage very quickly. Even if you could find it the phone would be dead.

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